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Air Conditioning Maintenance, Service & Repair



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Air Conditioning Systems
If you are not sure how your AC system is functioning, stop by and we will inspect for you. Donít suffer without AC, stop in and see us today!

Have you ever felt sweat dripping slowly down your back while driving? We understand that comfort is crucial when you are driving. If you notice your car is not cooling down as it used to be, it is likely that your air conditioning system needs service or repair.

Our ASE certified technicians do more than your ordinary air conditioning system check. Your car is a complex machine and it demands a full diagnostic treatment and service. A full air conditioning service means a full inspection to make sure we get to the root of the problem and not simply treat the symptoms.



car air conditioning service

Automotive Air Conditioning System Service Diagnosis & repair for Cars & Light Trucks

car air conditioning service

Jimyz Automotive

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AC Service
There is not a definitive way to predict a failure for your air conditioning system. However, when your carís AC system needs service or repair, the right equipment and experience are important.

Jimyz Automotive has the latest tools and equipment for air conditioning service and repair. You cannot determine the source of a leak or diagnose a problem with the AC system without a thorough examination.


Air Conditioning Maintenance
Donít lose your cool over an air conditioning system thatís not working properly! Bring in your car, truck or SUV for air conditioning inspection, diagnosis and service.

Did you know that your air conditioning belt drives many other components in your vehicle?
This means that a broken belt can have a much worse impact than simply an uncomfortable trip. The expert mechanics will take care of everything- whether itís simply a recharge of refrigerant or maybe installing a new compressor- youíll have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle will keep you cool and safe.


Signs that your vehicle may have a malfunctioning air conditioning system include:
 car air conditioning service not blowing cold air Your air conditioner blows only hot air from the vents
 car air conditioning service not blowing cold air The air conditioner blows cold only sporadically
 car air conditioning service not blowing cold air There are noises when you run your air conditioner


Every Air Conditioning Service begins with our state-of-the-art air conditioning system diagnostic test. This diagnosis includes:
 car air conditioning service not blowing cold air Inspection of the air conditioning compressor drive belt for cracks or damage
 car air conditioning service not blowing cold air Inspection of all air conditioning-related components for leaks or damage
 car air conditioning service not blowing cold air A check for proper operation of the air conditioning compressor and other components prior to service
 car air conditioning service not blowing cold air Testing lines, hoses, seals and other system components for leaks

Depending on the results of the diagnosis, the system is then serviced only as required to ensure proper operation, which might include:
 car air conditioning service not blowing cold air Evacuating refrigerant from the system
 car air conditioning service not blowing cold air Recharging the system using the appropriate refrigerant to the exact system capacity according to the vehicle manufacturerís specifications
 car air conditioning service not blowing cold air Performing any necessary service on compressor, evaporator, condenser and electrical controls
 car air conditioning service not blowing cold air Rechecking the system to ensure proper operation.

While your vehicle is at the center, a certified mechanic will also perform a Multi-Point Inspection to safeguard that all of the major systems in your car, truck or SUV are in good working order.



Air Conditioning Service/Repair

air conditioning serviceTodayís vehicle a/c systems can lose 5% of their refrigerant per year causing the system to become inefficient. Another thing to remember is the a/c system is used all year long, every time the defroster is used the a/c system is activated to assist in removing the moisture from inside the vehicle which can defog windows much faster than non a/c equipped vehicles. It is recommended that modern a/c systems be tested annually to assure peak performance. Schedule an appointment with one of our factory trained professionals and let us make sure youíre a/c system is running efficiently. We have the latest equipment available to diagnose the computerized components, as well as to service all the different systems including the newer systems on hybrid and electric vehicles. Below is a brief explanation of the major components that make these a/c systems work so well:



The compressor is a belt-driven device that compresses refrigerant gas and transfers it into the condenser. The compressor is the core of your vehicle's air conditioning system.



The condenser's primary function is to cool the refrigerator. The condenser dissipates heat released by compressed gases and condenses them into high pressure liquids.


Receiver (Drier):

The receiver is a metal container that serves as a storage receptacle for the refrigerant; also known as a drier because it absorbs moisture from the refrigerant and filters out harmful debris and acids. You should change your drier every 3-4 years to ensure quality filtration and prevent any chemical damage.


Orifice Tube/Expansion Valve:

The orifice tube (also known as the expansion valve) is a controlling mechanism that regulates refrigerant flow throughout the system. It also converts high pressure liquid refrigerant (from the condenser) into low pressure liquid, so that it can enter the evaporator.



The evaporator removes heat from the inside of your vehicle. The evaporator allows the refrigerant to absorb heat, causing it to boil and change into a vapor. When this occurs, the vapor leaves the evaporator through the compressor, cooling your car and reducing humidity. The evaporator houses the most refrigerant in the heat transfer process and harmful acids can corrode it. This corrosion typically damages the evaporator beyond repair.





Having trouble with your car or light trucks air conditioning system?   Contact us for advice.





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